Bild am Sonntag II

About This Project

Since October 2013 Marion Horn superseded Walter Mayer as editor-in-chief at Bild am Sonntag* (BamS). The art director is Saulo Santana. With the staff turnover, a new plainer layout was introduced.
In the case of special events, pages have to be created very quickly, like the ones for the German prime time TV show Wetten, dass..?. Under high pressure, often surrounded by several editors who give advice, articles have to be shortened and new elements have to be set in a simple and distinctive way.
For the VIP pages a new layout was introduced with the new editors (previously, the elements had been arranged playfully. Now there is more of story telling and more articles are set next to each other clearly. The articles are incorporated in the section stars & culture (Stars & Kultur)
* Not to be confused with the daily broadsheet BILD Zeitung. Both work completely independent from each other.


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