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I’m offering design solutions from a single item to a full package.


A logo ist the central element of a visual identity and consist usually of a graphic and a word mark. It can also be just one or the other or just used separately.


For the graphic mark there are different approaches. It can be a symbol or an object representing an idea or coming out of key letters. So at most a reduced form that represents the entity of the subject.


For the word mark or logotype, it can be set of an existing font or typeface. It will be unique, if the font is customized. So it can also form an image and work as an icon itself.


A logo, a signet, is like a signature, which not only shows the sender, but also shows its values and gives the message a certain expression and affirmation.


Many reasons to put special emphasis.

stationary and other print media

A stationary consists of letterhead, business card and, if desired, a greeting card (also fax if still needed).

So the basic elements of the corporate design have to be developed, which means creating a logo and choosing a corporate font with a very good knowledge of and sense for typography to choose from the unlimited number of fonts.


The color and color spectrum is also an important form of expression. To some extent it is implied in the making of the logo. In addition other graphic elements can be created that complement the visual identity.


This visual language can be adapted to other media such as flyer and brochure. The setting of image and text creates an own expression.


All this provides a full range of service.

full package

If you want it all, a brand development with everything what’s included – from strategically positioning of your company to design concept in all its form for a unique visual language transferred in every kind of media. That means creating a logo and defining other basic elements, special imagery to setting print media to designing a website. Last can be an individual one, which includes consulting a web developer or to use a template (and build with WordPress), which can be adjusted to the own design concept.


After all it has to be functional, distinctive and put a smile on your customer’s face and makes you happy, of course.


Whatever it will be, let’s do it – together!

single items

You have got already a working visual identity or that’s not to come into the picture.

Then I’m happy to just create a special edition of a any print media such as booklet, magazine, poster, postcard or the like.

Also just (adding) an individual lettering or image style can be sensational.


Let’s work it out!